In this 21st century era, enterprise development is an important pillar of spiritual civilization, is an important guarantee for the long-term development of enterprises. In recent years, "shaoxing wanjia equipment co., LTD." relying on the construction of enterprise culture, improve the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the cohesion of enterprises, so that enterprises get modern standards.


Culture connotation

Integrity: Quality first, integrity first, talent oriented, satisfaction for the letter
Dedication: love the factory, love the post, unity and diligence, hard work, improve themselves
Self-discipline: make great efforts to govern, strive for progress, enhance strength, and create the future
Innovation: the pursuit of perfection, challenge the market, go international, create excellence
Development strategy: quality as the cornerstone, market as the leading, talent as the group, to brand as the leading

Culture Concept

Corporate image: based on a new starting point, create a new field, experience a new life, establish a new image
Enterprise tenet: to the integrity of survival, quality and development
Quality policy: Seiko production, continuous innovation, do no error expert, to zero defect forward
Marketing concept: honesty, satisfaction for the letter, boutique to create, ignite the future
Quality commitment: to provide customers with high quality products, for customers to win satisfaction
Production safety: rigorous thinking, strict operation, strict inspection
Enterprise spirit: integrity, dedication, self-discipline, innovation


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